Programme Options

When setting up a Programme, you will need to select your required Programme Options.

The available Programme Options are:

  • Will this programme need appointments?
    • Selecting Yes will allow you to create an appointment schedule for the programme. 
    • Selecting No facilitates pre-registration for a programme with no appointment schedule.
  • Will this programme use a shared invitation code? 
    • The default option is Yes and means that all Clients that register for the programme will do so with the same code.
    • Select No if you wish to generate unique invitation codes for each Client.
  • Will this programme ask for client address? 
    • Select Yes if you require clients to provide their address when registering for the programme. 
  • Will this programme ask for client employee number? 
    • Select Yes if you require Clients to provide their employee number when registering for the Programme.
  • Will this programme ask for client department?
    • Select Yes if you require Clients to select their department when registering for the programme.
  • Will this programme allow group bookings?
    • Select Yes to allow clients to book multiple appointments on behalf of others.

  • Will this programme allow clients reschedule to a different appointment location?
    • Select Yes to allow clients to reschedule their appointment to a different location.
    • Location change options will only be available for programme groups that also allow changes time.

Once a Programme has been created, it is not possible to change the Will this programme need appointments? option.