Assigning departments to a programme

When setting up a programme, a client's department may be required to: 

  • Tailor role-specific health screening.    
  • Assign health screenings to a cost centre.
  • Facilitate group reporting per department.

This feature enables providers to record a client's department.


1. Create a list of Departments

You will find details on how to create a list of departments here.

2. Create a new Programme

You will find details on how to create a programme here.
  • In the section Will this programme ask for client department? select Yes

A minimum of one department must be created before the option Will this programme ask for client department? will be presented when creating or editing a programme.

  • From the Available Departments list, select the departments relevant to your programme.
  • Click on Create.


3. Client registration

  • During the registration process, the client will be asked to select their department.
  • The dropdown menu will contain all departments assigned to the programme.

4. Client Profile

  • Once a client has completed the registration process, their department will be recorded on their Client Profile.

5. Retrieving department information

  • Client department information is available to download in an Appointment or Medical CSV file.