Setting up a Vaccination Clinic

1. Setting up a vaccination product 

  • From the top bar click on More > select Products > click on New Product.
  • From the Product Type dropdown menu, select Vaccination.
  • Complete all other required fields, e.g., name, Code, description. Full details on setting up a new product can be found here.
  • From the list of Test Categories, select the required vaccine, e.g., Covid Vaccine.
  • Vaccine consent can be added as a product declaration. Click add new to add a declaration. 
  • Free type your declaration in the Description box and click on Create Product.

A declaration must be acknowledged by a client when booking an appointment.  


3. Setting up appointments and reminders

  • You can set up your appointment schedule by setting up a new programme.
  • Full details on setting up programme groups, schedules and publishing dates are available here.
  • Appointment reminders are set through programme group settings.


4. Vaccination administration and records 

  • Once administered, the vaccine details are recorded on the client medical.
  • For large volume clinics, vaccination details can be pre-populated by using the Default Test Results feature.