How to create a Product

A product consists of the test categories that will be included in a medical assessment. 

There are 3 categories of Products that can be created:

  • Health Assessment
  • Flu Vaccination
  • Follow-up Consultation

To create a Product

  • From the top bar click on More > select Products > click on New Product.
  • Select the required Product Type. 
  • Select any / all Processing Options that apply.
  • Select any / all Requested GP details a client must provide at registration.
  • Status by default will be Active for a new product.
  • Enter a product Name and Code.
  • If required, enter a base Price for the product. You will find details about collecting payments through Full Health here.
  • Check the Included box beside all test categories that are required for the Product. 

    Each test category has a question mark beside the name. Hovering over the question mark allows you to view a description. An age restriction can be applied to test categories as appropriate.

When atrial fibrillation is selected on a product, we also recommend adding the heart rate test category.

This will provide individualised interpretative output for heart rate rather than a more limited interpretation for atrial fibrillation alone.

  • Check the Extra box beside any test categories to be included as optional extras, add an extra price if required.
  • Select Hide on Visit Workflow for any test categories where results will follow after a medical is completed, such as laboratory results.
  • Product Declarations can be added to a product if required, this will create a mandatory declaration that must be accepted by clients on the registration page.
  • In the Consumer View section, you create a name and description that will be visible to clients when they are booking their appointment. Further information about the medical can be added in the Consumer description.
  • When all details have been entered, click Create Product. A summary of the product created will be displayed. To make any amendments click on Edit Product.

Click on Print/Download Questionnaire to view or print the questionnaire associated with a product.

To set up a Programme, the next step is to create the Location(s).