Processing Options

When a Product is created, Processing Options relevant to the medical workflow are selected. 

The available Processing Options are

  • By-pass visit workflow: visit workflow requires users to complete limited fields before marking a medical as complete. When the by-pass visit workflow option is selected, all inputs including laboratory results are shown. Results can be added and saved to a medical as available. 
  • Stay on Medical: when selected, a medical will remain open after it has been marked complete. This option may be useful when medicals are being completed intermittently rather than back-to-back in a scheduled day. When stay on medical is not selected, a medical will close and return the user the Manage Medicals page when a medical is marked complete or submitted for review.
  • Fasting: The fasting option ONLY applies to Glucose and should be selected if the client is required to fast before their medical. Client preparation instructions will include details of the required fasting period. Depending on the laboratory you work with, this function will adjust the content and reference ranges for Glucose from random to fasting.
  • Auto-dispatch on approval: When this option is selected, reports will be automatically sent to clients when they are approved by a doctor. This option should also be selected to automatically dispatch negative PCR test results.
  • Require Lab reference: This option should be selected when a unique laboratory reference is required.
  • Share attachments with consumers by default: Selecting this option will mean that attachments associated with a medical, e.g., an ECG, will be share with clients when their report has been dispatched.
  • Require client's current medication details: Selecting this option will mean the client will be asked to provide details of their current medication when completing their questionnaire.