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Collecting payments

Payments for orders can be recorded or collected via the Full Health Platform.

Payments by cash or those completed using a third-party terminal can be logged or payments can be processed via the Full Health Platform using Stripe.

Processing payments via the Full Health platform

  • If a medical product has a base price assigned during product setup, the client will be presented with the associated cost when they are booking a medical.
  • After an appointment time has been selected and the client has registered their details, they are taken to the payments page, where they will be asked to enter their credit card details.

How to view payments

To view all payments made to your account:

  • From the top bar click on Clients > select Payments.
  • Apply filters to find a specific record or show all payments of a specific status.

To view payments associated with a medical:

  • From a client medical > click on the Financials tab > click on the order number, or
  • From the Screening Schedule > click on the value in the Due column > click on the order number.

If full payment is not completed in a single transaction, an order will have more than one associated payment.


To view payments associated with a group booking:

  • Go to the Profile of the account owner > click on the Orders tab > click on the order number.
  • Click on the Payment reference.

Whilst the order associated with any medical associated with a group booking will have a status of PAID, there will be no payments associated.

Payments can only be viewed from the account owner profile.

How to make a payment 

  • Open the client medical > click on the Financials tab > click the order number > click Make a payment.
  • Select if you wish to Pay in full or take a Partial payment.
  • Enter the amount if completing a Partial payment
  • Select the Payment gateway
    • Full Health Medical for Stripe.
    • Manual to log payments paid by cash or using a third-party payment terminal.
  •  Enter credit card details for Realex Payments > click Submit Payment.