How to set vaccination default test results

This article will explain how you can set default test results for a vaccination.

Default test results are the information related to a product which are often common to multiple clients, e.g., details of a vaccination.

Setting default test results reduces repetitive data entry for high volume clinics. 

  • Once a Vaccination Product has been created, from the top bar click on More > select Products.
  • From the products list > click on Default test results beside the relevant product.
  • Enter the required defaults for the vaccination > click on Update test results.

The defaults will be applied to all Medicals created after the default test results have been set.


How to update existing medicals

For medicals that have been created before the default test results were entered, default test results can be applied on a case-by-case basis when a medical is performed. 

When a medical is open > click Edit > click Submit.

Alternatively, vaccination data can be manually input when a vaccine is administered.