4 programme features you may have missed.

Anne-Marie Galligan                                                                                          February 2023

Corporate wellness programme delivery costs can vary greatly depending on the scope and design of a programme. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential for healthcare providers to be able to deliver wellness programmes as efficiently as possible.

Maximising the use of available features can help your programme align with corporate objectives and be delivered competitively. Full Health’s medical assessment workflow automates interpretation of results increasing the efficiency of doctor time and thereby lowering the cost of implementation. Getting greater employee buy-in, participation and satisfaction will also help keep the competitive edge.

In this blog I will talk you through some of the programme features that can be utilised to increase employee engagement, provide corporate clients with greater insights and help raise overall satisfaction.

1.      Promotional Codes

Promotional codes can be used to boost employee engagement and are fully customisable on Full Health. Codes can be created to offer discounts to a specific group of employees, to those who book within a specified time frame or to upsell optional extras.

2.      Departments

An employee’s departments can be added as a programme requirement on Full Health. Department data can assist in meeting corporate objectives such as assigning health assessments to a specific cost centre or to facilitate group reporting by department.

3.      Contract Management

Larger organisations may offer employees variable levels of health assessments based on years of service or seniority. Full Health’s contract management feature allows you to tailor programme enrolment programme by customising product pricing for specific groups and creating unique invitation codes.

4.      Surveys

Surveys are a useful way to evaluate customer satisfaction and gather feedback on programme delivery. Full health Medical’s simple survey tool enables you to collect feedback and testimonials from within the platform. When a programme survey is created, a link will be included in the client report notification email. You can fully customise a survey to your requirements with both scale and free text question formats supported.


These features will help customise programme delivery to customer requirements and assist with programme reporting and evaluation.