Home Testing Programme

A provider will need to have the appropriate license subscription to run a home testing programme. Please contact support@fullhealthmedical.com for further details if required.

How to set up a home testing programme

Products for your home testing programme must first be created.

  • From the top bar click on More > select Programmes > click on New Programme.
  • Enter the details of the new programme including:
    • Name: Give your programme a clear and informative name that will help you easily identify it, especially if you are creating multiple programmes. 
    • Start and End:  These are the dates through which you want the programme to run.  Dates can be edited or extended if required.
    • Programme Code: This is for internal use only. It is recommended that the code is descriptive.
  • Select the required programme options:
        • Will this programme need appointments? > select No.
        • Will this programme ask for client address? > select Yes to have delivery address details for a home test.
        • Will this programme allow group bookings? This option is not available for home testing programmes.
  • Select the Product / Products you wish to use for the home test programme.
  • Click Create.

The next stage of the process is setting up a Programme Group.