Creating a Home Testing Programme Group

To add a Programme Group you must have selected No to the Will this programme need appointments? question when your home test programme was created.

Setting up a home test programme group will provide you with a link that can be used by clients to order a single home test.

To create a home test programme group

  • From the top bar click on More > Programmes.
  • From the Manage Screening Programmes page, click on the name of the Programme you wish to add a group to.

  • Click on the programme name > click on Groups > click Add new group. 
  • Enter the group details:
    • Name: Give your group a clear and informative name that will help you easily identify it. 
    • Group Code: This is for internal use only. It is recommended that the code is descriptive.
    • Invitation Code: This is not required for a home test programme group.
    • Description: This allows you to provide some additional information to clients specific to this group. 
    • Status: The status can be either active or archived.
      •    Active - is the default option and indicates a Group is currently in use.
      •    Archived - can be selected if a Group is not currently in use.
    • Available Products: Select the required product for your group. 
    • Click on Create.

You will be required to set up a programme group for each home test product.