Approving medicals - doctor user

This article will explain how a doctor user can approve a medical.

Accessing medicals for review

When a doctor user logs into the Full Health platform, a list of medicals that are awaiting their approval can be accessed via the Doctor To Do list on the main dashboard.

Approving Medicals

To open the list of medicals for approval:

  • Go to the Doctor to Do list > click Approve Medicals.
  • Click View to open a medical.
  • A icon beside Status indicates that notes have been made by other health professionals > click on this icon to view these notes.
  • Click the Summary tab to view flag assignment for each health category.  Click on a health category to view and / edit interpretative outputs.
  • Click the Results tab to review all available results.
  • When all results have been reviewed > click Approve.

A summary of the medical findings is listed on the left side bar of the Report Approval window.

Additional notes you wish to add to the client report can be made in the Reviewer notes for report field.

Internal notes can be entered in the Reviewer additional notes field. These notes are not shared with the client. When all required notes have been entered > click Submit Approval.

If further information needs to be added after a medical has been submitted for approval, use the Revert function to return the medical to a status of Processing.

Once a medical has been approved, it is ready to be Dispatched.