Client medication details

Medication details can be included in the client pre-assessment questionnaire by selecting the Processing Option Require Client's current medication details in a Product.

Adding Medications to a new product

  • From the top bar click on More > select Products > click on New Products.
  • From the Processing Options, select Requires client's current medication details.

Adding Medications to an existing product

  • Click on your name on the top right of the screen > select Products > click on View beside the relevant product then Edit Product.
  • From the Processing Options > select Requires client's current medication details.

For existing medicals, medication details will only be requested if a client has not completed their questionnaire.

How to view a client's medication list

  • Open the client medical > scroll to the bottom of the page > click on Medications
  • A list of Medications input by the client will be displayed.
  • Select Edit / Delete to amend or delete medication information.
  • To record additional medications > click Add.

Currently the Medications list can only be viewed when a Medical is in Processing.