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How to rebate / refund a payment

An order is created when a booking is made for a medical with an associated cost.  

Payments for orders can be recorded or collected via the Full Health Platform.

Payments by cash or those completed using a third-party terminal can be logged or payments can be processed via the Full Health Platform using Stripe.

A payment made by a client can be cancelled or rebated if required.

To access a payment record

  • From the top bar click Clients > select Payments.
  • Apply filters to find a specific record > click Filter > click on the Transaction number.

    • Open the client medical > click on the Financial tab > click on the order number > click on the Payment number.

    To rebate or refund a payment

    • From the open Payment record > click on Cancel/Rebate?
    • Select the Rebate Method.
      • Full Health Medical: The rebated amount will be credited through Stripe to the client's credit card.
      • Manual: To log a refund provided in case of using a third-party payment terminal.
    • Enter the Rebate Amount. 
    • Enter the Rebate Description. It is mandatory to provide a reason the rebate was given.

    Processing times vary between financial institutions, it may take up to 10 working days for Stripe refunds to be credited to the client's account.


    A refund via Stripe can only be processed within 180 days of the payment date. 

    Rebate / Refund restrictions

    There are a small number of restrictions to be aware of when providing rebates.

    • An order must be fully paid before a rebate / refund can be processed.
    • Only a single rebate transaction can be completed using Stripe.
    • If a partial rebate was processed using Stripe, and a further rebate is required it must be processed manually.
    • If an order has been fully paid and rebated, additional payments cannot be processed thereafter.
    • If optional extras are cancelled, an order will not show a rebate amount due. It is necessary to complete a refund for any optional extras that are cancelled and thereafter edit the medical to remove optional extras.