Product Settings: Consumer View, Custom Appointment duration

In this article, we will look into customising product settings.

When setting up a product, you can input the information you would like the consumer/end user to view when selecting a particular product.

These inputs can be made while a product is created or edited at a later date.

Click here to learn how to  Create a new product.

Step 1: Consumer View 

From the Manage Products Page select the product you wish to edit.

You will see the page as shown below.

Here you enter the details the Consumer will see. This includes the Product Name, Title of the report and an additional description if required.

Step 2:  Custom Appointment Duration 

This feature allows you to override the appointment duration displayed on the booking page.

You can set this information so that while making a booking, the client can see the amount of time they are expected to be at the clinic / hospital during the appointment.

E.g., you could have an appointment duration of 15 minutes, but advise the client they can expect to be at the clinic for 1 hour.