Creating follow-up consultations

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to set up a programme with a system assigned follow-up appointment.

A follow up consultation can be included as part of a medical programme at a pre-determined interval after a health screening appointment.

To add Follow-up Appointments to a Programme Group

  • From the top bar click on More > select Programmes > click on the required Programme Name > click on Groups.
  • Under Group Options > select Yes for Separate follow-up appointments?
  • Follow up consultations can take place via video consultation, to do so select Appointments as video consultations?

Please note, if Appointments as video consultations? is selected, ALL appointments will be video consultations. 

  • Under Group Settings > select the number of Processing Days. This is the minimum time after an appointment that a follow-up appointment can be scheduled. This is to allow results to be processed and reports to be approved.
  • From the Day Schedules tab add the appointment times for Follow-up appointments.
  • Click Submit.

Publishing Follow-up Appointments

  • In the top banner, click More > select Programmes > click on the required Programme Name > click on Groups > Publish Pending Dates.
  • Select the required dates for Screening and Follow-up consultations > click Publish Selected Dates.
  • Follow-up appointment dates are automatically assigned to clients when they book a screening appointment.

A warning message will be received if an insufficient number of follow-up appointments are published or if the dates chosen do not allow for the selected number of processing dates.