Client Data Access

This article will explain how to permit a member of the Full Health Medical Support team temporary access to client data.

Full Health Medical do not have access to client personal or medical data.

Granting Full Health Medical Support access to an individual client's account allows them to sign in to your account and troubleshoot issues.

Account administrators can grant this access for 24 hours.

How to provide the Support Team with temporary access to client data:

  1. Open the relevant Client Profile.
  2. From the left side bar > select Account login & profile access > click on Grant temporary access.
  3. The time and date that access automatically expires will be indicated.
  4. If you wish to discontinue access before access automatically expires, click on Revoke Access.

Give access support needs to be added as an extra ability to nurse and doctor users.

What data will the Full Health Medical Support team have access to?

During the period of temporary access, a member of the Full Health Medical Support Team will only have access to the individual Client data for whom access has been granted.

This will include access to the Client's:

  • Profile
  • Associated appointments
  • Associated medicals 
  • Attachments 
  • Referrals