How to create a referral letter

This article will outline how to create a referral letter.

For patients who require referral to a specialist, a referral letter can be created from their medical.

Hospitals and Consultants must first be created to populate the dropdown menus.

Click here for more information How to create a list of hospital consultants.

A referral can be generated when a medical has a status of Ready for Approval or Approved.


To create a referral:

  • From the Medical Workflow box, click on  Referrals > Create Referral 
  • Select a Consultant from the pre-populated dropdown menu.
  • Enter the required Referral Details
  • To include findings / results, select relevant Health Categories 
  • Choose Save Draft if you wish to complete the referral later
  • Click on Create Referral once all data is complete.
  • The number of Referrals created for a patient is indicated in the Medical Workflow box

  • Click on Referrals to:
    • View a list of Referrals created for a patient
    • Open or delete a Referral
    • Turn on Sharing to provide a patient with access to a referral letter

Once you have selected Create Referral you cannot edit the content.  It will be necessary to delete and create a new referral if amendments are required