Digital Covid Certificates

EU Digital Covid Certificates 

It is possible for testing providers of both RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests to be provided with access to the EU Digital Covid Certificate Service offered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), to facilitate the generation of certificates in line with the EU initiative for all Negative or Not Detected test results.

Testing providers participating in the service are required to sign a declaration of compliance with the OGCIO Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Providers will in turn receive a Client ID and Client Secret to access the service.


Test Providers:

Provision of Digital Certificates can be integrated into Full Health.

It may be possible for test providers, that have a service level agreement with a Laboratory compliant with the OGCIO SOP, to set up integration between the Digital Covid Certificate Service and their Full Health account.

It would be necessary for the Laboratory to provide their Client ID and Client Secret to the test provider to activate integration.


Setting up Digital Covid Certificate Integration 

Please contact if you wish to integrate digital covid certification. 


Accessing Digital Certificates on Full Health

  • On the client medical, click on Travel Certificate.
  • Click on EU Digital Certificate (PCR Test) to view/print the certificate.
  • The digital cert will open to view or print.