How to set up your Team

This article will explain how to set up members of your team as users on the Full Health platform.

There are three default roles that can be assigned to users on the Full Health Platform - Admin, Doctor and Nurse.

An Admin user can set up team members to have one of the above default roles.

If a team member does not fall into any of the default user roles, a customised role can be created.  See the article Role Base Access Control for more detail.

How to set up a team member assigning one of the default roles:

Click on your name > select Account from the drop-down menu.

On Your User Profile page > click on Users.

On the Manage Users page > click on New User.

On the Create New User page > enter the mandatory details > First name, Surname and email.

Create a password for your new user.

A password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase letter and one number


Is used to assign Healthcare professional roles.

Under the heading Speciality > select the User type from the drop-down menu.


Roles are used for all non-healthcare professional users.

Under the heading Role > select Admin.

Select any other additional abilities as appropriate.


A user can be restricted to one or more specific locations.

To restrict a user to one or more locations, select all that apply from the Locations list.

Leave this field blank if you wish to provide unrestricted access.

Click on Create User.

Updating existing users

To update an existing user's profile, from the Manage Users page > click on the user name > Edit.

Make additions or amendments, like adding IMC Registration Number, > click on Update User. 


Note: A users assigned role cannot be changed e.g. from Nurse to Admin.  Contact for assistance if a role change is required.