Creating a Location

A location is the name of the medical facility or practice where clinics will be performed.

Additional locations can be created as required.

How to create a location

  • From the top bar click on More > select Locations from the drop-down menu > click New Location.
  • The status will be Active for a new location by default. Archived can be selected if a Location is no longer in use.
  • Enter the Name and a Code for the location. The Location Name will be displayed to clients in notifications and reminders.

The Location Code, not the Name, is displayed when creating a programme, so make it descriptive! 

  • Add a Description if required. This allows you to add informative notes or relevant details such as parking information.
  • A default product can be selected if required. 

If the location is going to be used in more than one programme the default product field should be left blank.

  • Add the location address. This is a mandatory field and must include the postcode.

To enable the search location feature on the consumer view, an address must be provided for ALL locations in a Programme.  

  • Add additional stations if required. This feature allows you to have concurrent schedules in multiple stations or rooms within a single location.