How to add Company branding to your account

This article will explain how to add your company branding to personalise your Full Health account.

When a new Full Health account is set up, the default sets to the Full Health Medical branding and logo.

To add your company logo

From the main dashboard, click on your name. From the drop-down menu select Profile.

From your User Profile page, click on Branding.

From the Branding page, click on Setup Branding.

You can add logos to all three options available:

  1. Logo - this will appear on the left on your main client access page.
  2. Report logo - the report logo will appear on the cover page of reports.
  3. Avatar - You can choose whether to display an avatar on your client access page. If you choose to do so this will displayed on the right of your main client access page.


The recommended size for each image is indicated.

The file format can be a jpeg or png file.

Select Choose File.

From your file explorer, select the required image file and click Open.

The file name will be shown, click on Update Branding.

Your logo will now have replaced the Full Health Logo on your your main client access page.

To remove the logo, return to the Setup Branding Page, check the box Remove Logo and click on Update Branding.